Police Morale for Supervisors: It IS Your Problem

Poor employee morale is a serious problem facing law enforcement and one that, if not confronted and corrected, will threaten the mission, productivity, discipline, and even the integrity of a police agency. With stakes so high, it is only natural law enforcement managers make raising employee morale a top priority.

Or is it?

The reality is, many police managers refuse to acknowledge the issues or, if they do, adhere to the belief, “Low morale isn’t our problem! They can fix it themselves,” while perpetuating the culture that breeds it. For most cops, low morale has far less to do with what they see and experience on the street than the impact of politics, policies, and practices inside the station.

This training is for supervisors and managers who want to bring the “best cop” out of each officer, who understand the power and productivity of happy staff, and who want to do more than pay lip service to the heavy responsibility of effective leadership.

Praise from class participants

“Group practicals were great for working on exercises and games. This form of class should be a 3-5 day training session for first-time supervisors” – Jim R

“Good refresher training and review of knowledge for incorporation into daily duties”

“Provided great ideas and techniques to use in the future” – Eric K

“Good presentation… enjoyed this class… left with information that will hopefully improve morale” – Tony N

“Leadership and morale is largely ignored and not taught in many agencies, which is bothersome to many. I like what you are teaching” – Jeff W

“(I) would recommend this to any newly promoted supervisor/manager. Very good training” – Jim C

“I learned a lot from my fellow classmates as well as the instructors. Group exercises always strengthen course material” – Bianca S

“Well done and very informative… good for new and experienced supervisors” – Pat G



Here are some of the key points covered in this training:

  • What is morale, anyway, and why is it MY problem?
  • The personal and organizational costs of low morale
  • The personal and organizational benefits of high morale
  • Where are all these angry cops coming from?
  • Viewing and treating employees as valuable assets
  • Recognizing and utilizing each individuals talents and style
  • Letting go and letting them breathe… Doing away with micromanagement
  • The impact of departmental policy and practice on morale
  • The impact of politics on a cop
  • Encouraging and establishing two-way communication
  • Discipline without destruction


  • 07/22/12: Albuquerque, NM
  • 10/10/12: Princeton, IL