Law enforcement is a dangerous business. Now, this comes as no surprise to anyone even remotely familiar with policing. News...


More Than A Cop© is ready to serve law enforcement agencies, organizations, and officers/agents in a number of ways, including...


Enhancing mental health support for law enforcement officers and their families is very important to More Than A Cop©. Policing is an often ...


Welcome to More Than A Cop©!

Whether you are a cop, someone who loves a cop, a police trainer, or a provider of mental health services to the law enforcement community, we thank you for checking out our site.

More Than A Cop© is dedicated to serving societies protectors – the servant/warriors patrolling busy urban streets and isolated country roads; the dedicated investigators tirelessly pursuing the predators among us; the agents protecting our borders, rivers, parks and environment; and all the others who carry a badge and fill the myriad roles of modern law enforcement. And More Than A Cop© is dedicated to those protectors’ family and friends, who may not carry a badge and gun to work every day but who, through their love of someone who does, bear a share of their weight nonetheless.

More than A Cop© is our brainchild, and something very close to our hearts. We live life as a police couple, and know firsthand the excitement and challenge this lifestyle and profession present to a cop and his or her family and friends. We also know firsthand the importance of effectively confronting those challenges in order to succeed personally and professionally.

Explore the site and please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. We’re glad you are here!


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